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The most basic intruder alarm consists of one or more sensors to detect intruders, and an alerting device to indicate the intrusion. However, a typical premises Intruder alarm employs the following components:

Premises control unit (PCU), or panel: This is the “brain” of the system, it reads information from the sensors and track when and who arms and disarms the intruder alarm, it will also signal and intrusion or if sensors go down. Most systems are run by one or more computer circuit boards which is usually enclosed in a metal case and will usually be connected to the mains electricity and will have its own internal back up.

Sensors: Sensors can detect intruders by a variety of methods, such as monitoring doors and windows for opening, or by monitoring unoccupied interiors for motions, sound, vibration, or other disturbances. The sensors of an intruder alarm are usually placed on entry points of buildings and rooms as these are the most likely entry and exit points.

Alerting devices: These are bells, sirens, and/or flashing lights. Alerting devices serve the dual purposes of warning occupants of intrusion, and potentially scaring off burglars. These devices may also be used to warn occupants of a fire or smoke condition.

Keypads: Typically wall-mounted, the key pad of an intruder alarm is used to set and disarm the system but can also be used to isolated sensors and either arm or disarm them. (Wikipedia)

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